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From us, you can find workouts that are quick
and effective, and you can do them at a time and place that suits you.

We are convinced that physical effort should be part of a person's daily life but do not think that 2 hour gym visits fit into everyone's lifestyle.

By being consistent with these short but consistent workouts you will achieve results without having to spend large sums of money or spend dozens of hours a week running between gyms.

Therefore, we dare to say that only 20 minutes a day is enough to achieve the best form of your life.

I really liked that the workouts were short and quite varied, 20 minutes a day is still manageable. Also, all workouts could be done without any equipment (if you're on a business trip, visiting, etc.). It was fun that while exercising outside the home, some friends even joined my workout, so sometimes one workout turned into several, and sometimes even the kids joined in, it was a bit chaotic but fun. One workout was done in a hotel room between the beds. :) It was especially nice to stretch calmly and thoroughly on Sundays. Although my goal was to participate every day, one Sunday just passed by, and I completely forgot about the workout amidst everything else in life. A tip for myself, I should set a small reminder on my phone at the end of the day. :)

Piret 28.2.2023

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