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Challenge Workplace Sports Month

FitQ x Stebby “Workplace Sports Month” training challenge
Goal of the competition: Get the largest sum of training chains with your team. Size of the team is not limited
Challenge "Workplace Sports Month" has ended!
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Top 10 teams

Name Members Best strike Trainings
1 Klaabud 23 294 537
2 Raintree Systems 18 171 341
3 M.O.T.T 11 81 267
4 KOLK 2 35 62
5 Miim 1 31 85
6 Üksiküritaja 1 31 84
7 Abiks ikka 1 31 81
8 ML 1 31 77
9 essa 1 31 74
10 KJL 1 31 70


Karina Alt

Karina Alt

Karina works as a group trainer at MyFitness sports club. Sport has always been an inseparable part of her life since she was little. Her biggest passion is motivating and inspiring others. Karina hopes that she is making a difference by giving people more confidence in their everyday lives.
Kadri Kriisa

Kadri Kriisa

Kadri Kriisa is a coach and sports manager, physiotherapist and trainer in the University of Tartu Sports Club. She has more than 20 years of coaching experience and teaches many different workouts from BodyBalance to step workouts. She graduated from the University of Tartu and TTHKK physiotherapy. She hosts training sessions mainly at the University of Tartu Open University and the Intensive PT training program for personal trainers. Kadri considers it important that the workouts are varied, balanced, individually suitable and simply enjoyable.
André Machado

André Machado

André graduated from the University of Évora in Portugal with a degree in sports sciences. He specializes in personal training, soccer coaching and improving physical activity and general health. André has studied the biology of physical exercise and sports medicine. André’s training plans focus on endurance, muscle strength and flexibility, as well as improving overall fitness. André’s workouts are in English.
Challenge "Workplace Sports Month" is now under programs